Looking to the future without forgetting the past! This is one of the greatest Nova Gour-Meat’s objectives.

Our culinary journey begins with the selection of excellent traditional Italian raw materials, that are then processed with modern techniques.
The result is the exaltation of taste and the enhancement of the raw material.
We are attentive to the seasonality of the ingredients, and for this reason our menu varies throughout the year with the constant inclusion of new proposals.

Our menu ranges from tartare to fillet swords, spacing on gourmet artisanal burgers and meat-based dishes. We also have a wide range of vegetarian options and a wide choice of side dishes, fried dishes, gourmet salads and homemade desserts.


Homemade is our superpower!

Our philosophy focuses around the homemade of every single preparation!
The energy we put into preparing our dishes every day is what we are proud the most!
Every plate we serve at Nova Gour-Meat is prepared fresh every day from our hands.

In every recipe the watchword is always “HOMEMADE”.

Quality is everything for us!

In our kitchen, quality, research and conservation of ingredients go hand in hand.
We use cooking techniques that don’t stress the food and keeps unaltered the organoleptic properties of all the ingredients.
Low-temperature cooking supports us in many preparations starting from sauces to finish with meats and desserts, enhancing the raw material in all its aspects.
Our research is aimed at limiting processing, which is why we pay close attention to the timing of making a dish and to using seasonal raw materials.

Our Mission; food with integrity, quality. passion
After long studies, we have selected for Nova Gour-Meat some of the finest cuts of meat on the market. For tartare and swords we only use national fillet, which guarantees a short supply chain and undisputed quality from our pastures.
For the burgers we rely on Piedmontese scottona and Lazio veal.

Proud to be Italian!

Our cuisine combines research and innovation with the Italian artisan tradition and involves the use of local products of excellence that occupy a prominent place not only in our gastronomic tradition but also in the international one. Among these ones, the Parmesan dop 16 months, Stracciatella d’Andria, Pane Carasau, IGT Balsamic Vinegar and Provola d’Agerola have undoubtedly a place of honor.

We love the short supply chain and so also the vegetables we use are the result of a selection from the best local zero-kilometer producers.

We use cooking methods that respect the quality and flavor of raw materials and enhance the nutritional integrity of foods.



Nova Gour-Meat is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing break in wonderful company, whether it’s a quick lunch or a dinner with friends!We are always ready to give you a small oasis of peace and relax, at any time of the day in a glamorous and elegant atmosphere enlivened by exotic touches, plants, interiors and lighting with a contemporary design.

Book your table at Nova Gour-Meat and enjoy your favorite plates in the cool of a green and suggestive location!

Where to find us

We are in via Piave 70, a few steps from Piazza Fiume and 200 meters far from Via Veneto!


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